Tinnitus Treatment

We only select the treatments and devices that show the strongest scientific evidence and highest chance of a successful outcome.

Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation

The Tinnitus Clinic is the sole UK provider of the pioneering treatment, Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation, which targets your specific tinnitus sound using the Desyncra™ for Tinnitus device.

Treatment packages from £4,495

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Levo® Therapy System

New in the UK, the Levo® Therapy System provides customised sound therapy that matches your unique tinnitus sound. Used while you sleep you get relief during the day.

Treatment packages from £3,999

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Tinnitus Desensitisation Therapy™

Tinnitus Desensitisation Therapy™ is a habituation based tinnitus treatment developed by The Tinnitus Clinic for the treatment of all forms of subjective tinnitus. This therapy has achieved significantly successful clinical results.

Treatment packages from £1,675

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Hearing Loss

The Tinnitus Clinic is an independent clinic and we offer discreet and bespoke, personalised digital hearing solutions to suit your hearing loss and lifestyle requirements. Our audiologists are registered with HPC and trained to deliver the highest quality hearing care.

Treatment packages from £2,120

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Acute Tinnitus Therapy™

A guided, self-help therapy programme to control your tinnitus when it first strikes.

Treatment packages from £500

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Hyperacusis Desensitisation Therapy

The Tinnitus Clinic has an excellent track record with our unique Hyperacusis reduction therapy that delivers a progressive and sustainable reduction in Hyperacusis symptoms over time.

Treatment packages from £2,495

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Other Treatments

The Tinnitus Clinic has an expert multidisciplinary team to give you support where needed to improve your sleep, reduce anxiety and relieve you of stress caused by tinnitus.

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Tinnitus relief starts here...

Tinnitus Treatment

Your tinnitus is personal to you and we offer a range of devices and therapy programmes which aim to significantly reduce your particular symptoms.


We aim to help you break free from the constant noise, so that you can sleep better, increase energy, improve concentration and reduce anxiety.

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