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Assessing your tinnitus remotely
while you stay at home

The Tinnitus Clinic has your best interests at heart whether that's maintaining our clean environment for patients or helping you with tinnitus whatever is happening around us.

We know that tinnitus can become more worrying when times are stressful and the Covid-19 pandemic is a worrying time for us all.

We are now able to assess and provide remote treatment for tinnitus and hearing loss patients in many cases.

tinnitus treatment at home Skype, Zoom or telephone can be used for your assessment
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30 minute appointment

In a 30 minute remote consultation with one of our expert audiologists, we will take you through a structured appointment, providing the information we would normally give you in person. We will take your medical history, discuss your symptoms, and with our expert knowledge will be able to suggest treatments which you can start within days.

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If you have a recent audiogram this can be helpful, but we also have on-line audiograms which you may be able to take during the appointment. For more complex cases, you may still need to attend our clinic once life returns to normal, but we will provide good evidence advice on actions you can take in the meantime if that’s the case. Please discuss your options with the audiologist at the appointment.

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Call us now to arrange your home assessment

Phone 0800 030 6617 or use the Booking Form for booking. Payment of £70 is required prior to the appointment. Appointments will be initiated by us and may be made over any video link (Skype, Zoom) or by telephone. Please state your preference when you book.

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Ask us about other remote at-home tinnitus treatment options

Conservative sound therapy with Starkey Relax Sleepphones

Remote CBT / Integrative Therapy

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Remote fit TDT

TDT fit in clinic

Remote CBT / Integrative Therapy

Tinnitus can feel heightened during these uncertain times. It is really important that we reach out for emotional support to share the burden of tinnitus and to explore techniques that can reduce stress and subsequently decrease tinnitus perception. At the tinnitus clinic we understand the frustrating impact that this invisible condition of tinnitus can have on mental well-being. We provide constructive and compassionate therapy sessions that empower our clients to manage their distress, reframe their perception of their tinnitus and feel equipped to self treat using techniques and exercises taught in the session.

'One day you will tell your story about how you overcame what you are going through now and it will become part of someone else's survival guide.'

Dr Julianne Mullen
HCPC registered Dramatherapist
Badth registered Clinical Supervisor
Theatre Practitioner

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