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Ear Defence

The Tinnitus Clinic provides a range of high-quality ear defence products, or ear plugs, that provide excellent protection from loud noises that could damage hearing and aggravate tinnitus. All of our products are custom made to your ears so you will experience comfort as well as an excellent seal.

Bespoke Filtered Ear Plugs

These are both custom fitted to your ears and have a range of filters which are selected for your needs. The plugs are designed to reduce the volume of external noises while preserving your ability to hear speech and music with much greater clarity than normal ear plug systems. Perfect for music venues and concerts.

Siemens noise protection plugs

Bespoke Musician Grade Ear Plugs

In order to maintain the fidelity of music, these plugs utilise a patented “flat attenuation” filter that reduces the volume of all frequencies in a proportional fashion. This provides a safe and excellent listening experience for music lovers whatever your choice of music.

Elacin ER Musicians Earplugs

Shooting Ear Defence Plugs

These digital plugs provide discreet and effective protection from the intensely loud sharp noises generated from firearms. The digital processors are so sophisticated that they actually enhance your hearing to the soft sounds of speech and quarry while they are worn giving you unparalleled clarity. A superb and modern alternative to the traditional uncomfortable ear muffs.

Siemens SecureEar

Puretone CENS Digital

Puretone CENS Proflex

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