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Josephine Swinhoe’s insights and observations on the latest tinnitus news and research.

Tinnitus Clinic brings its expertise to people with hearing loss

  April 3rd, 2017

Over the years that The Tinnitus Clinic has been in operation, our expertise in tinnitus and hyperacusis has brought relief to hundreds of patients across the country.


Surgical ear camp in Nepal

  March 8th, 2017

Matthew Clark, consultant at The Tinnitus Clinic Cheltenham talks about his experences volunteering with The Britain Nepal Otology Service (BRINOS), providing expert treatment to Nepalese people suffering from ear disease and helping to train doctors making a career in ENT surgery.


Josephine Swinhoe, Tinnitus Clinic Managing Director, talks to ENT Specialist Dr Gabriel Hendow

  February 3rd, 2017

I’m continuing my look at people who are involved in tinnitus with this special blog about Dr Gabriel Hendow, a GP with a special interest (GPSI) in Ear, Nose and Throat. Dr Hendow has been very supportive of our work to make people aware of tinnitus.


Can cats experience tinnitus?

  January 17, 2017

The hearing system is fascinating – taking something which cannot be seen – sound – and turning that into an electrical impulse within our heads, which we learn to recognise as a car, a whistle or a child crying for example.


Trevor Andrews of Sivantos Hearing UK talks about tinnitus

  December 30, 2016

During the years, I’ve been building up The Tinnitus Clinic, I have come across some very passionate people working in audiology and hearing loss.


Building the Tinnitus Clinic

  October 31, 2016

The Tinnitus Clinic started business in 2011. Since then we’ve grown, helping thousands of patients to a better quality of life. We don’t do this only through sourcing and using the very best technologies available but also through the skills, expertise and commitment of others.


Easing your tinnitus during flight

  September 5, 2016

For many people living with tinnitus, certain tasks such as simply boarding a flight can be extremely daunting as they are aware of the pressure changes that can exacerbate their condition.


The silver bullet?

  April 25, 2016

We are often asked if we can supply a pill to cure tinnitus. It's the answer many patents would prefer. If we have a headache we take an aspirin. Back pain, take an anti-inflammatory. Tinnitus … No pill.


Silent bird song?

  March 15, 2016

Bird watching is something I came to recently as a hobby. I have been an avid hill walker and was aware of birds as I roamed the beautiful peaks of Sheffield and Scotland. I could at a push, probably have recognised and named twenty.


Take action!

  January 28, 2016

Action on Hearing Loss wrote a report in 2015 called ‘Hearing Matters’. I am sharing the key recommendations of this report on my blog because I believe it is very important that we all promote the needs of the hard of hearing and people with tinnitus.


Research in tinnitus

  December 22, 2015

In 2012, Action on Hearing Loss submitted written evidence to the Parliamentary Committee on Science and Technology.


Clinically effective treatments – the now, not tomorrow!

  November 13, 2015

Tinnitus is a combination of symptoms; the most common being the hissing, buzzing or whistling sounds which patients report hearing. With no external noise creating these sounds, so no means of ‘switching the noise off’, patients’ understandably get increasingly stressed and anxious about what is happening to them.


The dangers of cycling

  October 23, 2015

Over 2 million people in Britain are now cycling at least once a week, with over half a million of those being women.

It’s a great way to keep fit, keep commuting costs down and have fun. I am more aware of the weather when cycling and it is really true that a morning cycle doesn’t mean getting wet every day.


Action Plan on Hearing Loss 2015

  October 09, 2015

After every election there are many promises made which we are assured will definitely lead to improvements on any number of issues. I don’t envy our politicians and civil servants in trying to decide what the spending priorities are. Housing? Education? Roads? Hearing?


Hearing needs of the Armed Forces

  September 24, 2015

In July 2014, The Royal British Legion produced a report entitled ‘Lost Voices’ which looked at the hearing needs of the Armed Forces community.


Have you been told to "learn to live with tinnitus"?

  August 28, 2015

I have a great admiration for those who work in primary care. Nurses, doctors, receptionists who deal every day with people who are frightened, worried and are looking for answers for a myriad of health issues.


The dangers of headphones

  August 14, 2015

About 35 years ago, I can remember buying my first personal music system - an AIWA personal cassette player – state of the art then, but I suspect only found in museums now.


Tinnitus, the hidden disability

  July 06, 2015

Having recently injured my shoulder enough to warrant a trip to A&E and a sling for two weeks, it was with some trepidation, when complete with sling, I stepped on to the tube to get to work.


Attitudes to hearing aids

  June 26, 2015

I recently misplaced a contact lens and had to wear my glasses for several days while waiting for the replacement lens arrived. While I was very self conscious of my glasses, it was interesting that very few people commented on them. Glasses are so commonplace that nobody thought to mention it, and what mattered most was my attitude to the glasses.


Protect your hearing at summer music festivals

  May 08, 2015

Across the UK, thousands of people are currently preparing for a summer of music festivals. These events can be lots of fun but the extremely loud music can also put you at risk of tinnitus and hearing loss.


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