Weymouth tinnitus sufferer says living with the condition is 'torturous' | The Tinnitus Clinic

Weymouth tinnitus sufferer says living with the condition is 'torturous'

  October 5, 2015

Published in the Dorset Echo

A tinnitus sufferer has described living with the condition as “torturous” and feels as if he has been given up on by doctors.

It is estimated that more than 340,000 people in the South West have tinnitus and with about 33,568 people suffering in Dorset.

Thousands of newly diagnosed tinnitus patients are being dismissed and told to ‘just live’ with their tinnitus by GPs – leaving countless of desperate patients feeling deserted – according to The Tinnitus Clinic in London who say there is still a lack of standard practice in both GP and specialist care for tinnitus.

Mark Williams, chief audiologist at The Harley Street Tinnitus Clinic said: “In some of the worst cases, patients have to be hospitalised for their own safety because the incessant noise has led them to contemplate suicide. Research shows that treating people with first signs of tinnitus means a better outcome for them later.”

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The Tinnitus Clinic has produced a free guide for GP’s seeing tinnitus patients for the first time.
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