Tinnitus survey reveals 90% of sufferers dissatisfied with advice

Tinnitus survey reveals 90% of sufferers are dissatisfied with advice

  March 9th, 2017

Patients seeking help from The Tinnitus Clinic often tell our clinicians that they have found it difficult to get the right help for their condition elsewhere. Daniel Walsh from Southport was one of these unfortunate patients who was told by his GP, and a private specialist, that there was nothing that could be done to help him.

This problem has concerned us for some time so we invited our patients to participate in a survey to see if Daniel's experience is common for tinnitus sufferers nationwide.

The survey results

The results of the survey revealed that more than 90% of sufferers do not feel they were given sufficient health advice and guidance for their symptoms. More than 80 per cent of respondents also reported feeling ‘disappointed’ about their options for treating the condition after consulting their doctor. The survey also found 91 per cent of respondents were told their tinnitus would be something they’d have to ‘learn to live with’ or ‘get used to’.

GP guide to help raise awareness

These troubling results have shown that we still have considerable work to do to raise awareness of tinnitus among healthcare professionals, which is why we teamed up with award-winning GP, Dr. Gabriel Hendow and other doctors and specialists, to help us produce and support a GP guide. The aim of the guide is to provide a useful resource to help the healthcare industry to better understand the tinnitus condition and the therapies and treatments available to help those affected by it.

Click here to download the Tinnitus First Appointment Guide for GPs.

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