Siemens Launch The New Silk Primax Invisible Hearing Aids

Siemens Launch The New Silk Primax Invisible Hearing Aids

  April 3rd, 2017

As well as helping patients find relief from tinnitus, we also help patients with hearing difficulties to find a new lease of life from our specialist hearing solutions service.

When you realise that you need help with hearing, many of us will look for a discreet solution. We're as committed to helping out hearing loss patents find a new lease of life as we have been for our tinnitus and hyperacusis clients.

Patients with hearing difficulties often tell us that they have not worn their hearing aids because they are too self-consious of how they look when wearing them and that they would rather avoid social and public situations altogether, than wear cumbersome hearing aids. Sadly, for many, this has been having a detrimental effect on their quality of life , their family life and has caused other physical and mental health issues.

Virtually invisible in-ear hearing devices

Siemens Silk Primax

The new Siemens Silk Primax hearing aids offer our patients a virtually invisible, in-ear, hearing device that is very comfortable to wear and offers excellent hearing ability.

Disposable silicon sleeves, that click onto the front of the tiny wirelss devices, are very flexible and adapt to sit perfectly inside your individual ear canal. The snug fit keeps the devices securely in place without movement. The sleeves have venting options which provide ventilation to the ear and enhances wearing and listening comfort.

Siemens Silk Primax

Because the devices sit inside the ear canal and there are no outer pieces to wear around or behind your ear, it is very difficult for anyone to notice that you're wearing them at all.

If your hearing is bothering you, visit us for a full hearing health check and look forward to enjoying the world of sound again with confidence.
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