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Pioneering night-time tinnitus treatment uses power of the brain

  November 23, 2016

A pioneering treatment which uses the power of the brain during sleep to treat tinnitus, is now available in the UK.

The Levo® System for tinnitus uses iPod technology to deliver a personalised tinnitus sound straight to the brain while the patient sleeps. The brain learns to ignore the hissing or buzzing associated with this debilitating and often stressful condition and over time, the patient notices the tinnitus less during the day.

The sound-based therapy, which sees an iPod being approved for use as a medical device for the first time, has already been providing relief for tinnitus sufferers in the US since 2014.

Now, the FDA cleared and CE approved product is available exclusively at the Tinnitus Clinic.

Mark Williams Chief Audiologist at The Tinnitus Clinic, based on Harley Street, said:

“Levo® has been specifically designed to be used during sleep when our brains are more likely to be responsive to and influenced by sound therapies.”

“It’s an innovative approach which has been demonstrated to provide relief from tinnitus symptoms faster than ever before.”

“During the assessment we identify and map the patient’s specific tinnitus sound, and then the Levo® System creates a prescriptive ‘sound match’ which is presented to the patient via an iPod device whilst they sleep. This stimulates the hearing centre of the brain to help it get used to the tinnitus sound and so reduces the volume and annoyance of the signal."
Levo® System widens the treatments available at The Tinnitus Clinic to include hard to treat atonal tinnitus, mixed tinnitus and very high frequency tinnitus.

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