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New study gives hope to millions

  May 29, 2015

The chance of an improved life for six million people in the UK living with tinnitus is offered by an extensive study published this week.


Tinnitus affects around 10% of the adult population in the UK and in its severe form can cause sleep loss, anxiety, depression and a significant reduction in their quality of life.


A year-long, multi-centre study on the efficacy of Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation has been accepted for publication in BioMed Research International. The study shows that the innovative Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation treatment is effective in reducing tonal tinnitus symptoms such as severity and loudness and annoyance by nearly 40%.


Of the 200 patients treated in 23 ENT centres across Germany, 67% reported that their tinnitus had improved, and 50% said that their tinnitus no longer had a negative influence on their quality of life.


“Patients in this study had tinnitus for more than four years, and the majority had at least two other treatments before taking the Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation,” said Chief Audiologist Mark Williams at the Tinnitus Clinic Ltd. in Harley Street, which is acknowledged as UK’s leading private treatment centre for tinnitus.


“This peer-reviewed study shows without doubt, that in a clinical setting, Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation offers both progressive and sustainable therapeutic benefit to people affected by chronic tonal tinnitus.” 

The research paper is called:

Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation in a Real Life Patient Population with Chronic Tonal Tinnitus

Authors: Christian Hauptmann, Armin Ströbel, Mark Williams, Nitesh Patel, Hannes Wurzer, Tatjana von Stackelberg, Uwe Brinkmann, Berthold Langguth, and Peter A. Tass

Journal: BioMed Research International

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