New hearing aid from Starkey - Genesis AI

New hearing aid from Starkey – Genesis AI

  February 21, 2024

The acclaimed hearing aid manufacturer Starkey Hearing Technologies has just launched their newest instrument platform Gensis AI in the UK. The Genesis AI features an advanced processor, a long-lasting rechargeable battery (51 hours from a single charge) along with an award-winning ergonomic shell design for improved wearing comfort.

Starkey Genesis AI hearing aid

Genesis AI’s all-new Starkey Neuro Processor is packed with six times the transistors and four times the speed, Starkey says. The Neuro Processor was created to mimic the function of the central auditory system through an all-new compression system and an on-chip Deep Neural Network (DNN) accelerator.

The platform also benefits from a hosting a Multiflex Tinnitus Technology that is entirely customisable to enable clinicians to design a specific sound therapy signal that is unique for a patient's tinnitus and hearing profile. The Tinntius Clinic Ltd. will be utilising this new technology in order to provide Tinntius Desensitiation Therapy (TDT) with the goal of providing ad hoc relief and reducing the emotional burden of the symptom.

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