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New Acute Tinnitus Therapy for when tinnitus first strikes

  September 14, 2015

We know that when unbearable tinnitus symptoms first strike, your life is turned upside down.

Sleeping can be difficult as the noise of the tinnitus disturbs the usual peace of the night. Concentrating at work seems impossible as the tinnitus sounds distract your focus and prevent you from being productive. The worry of what might be happening can spoil time with friends and family as you fret about the future and whether you will ever enjoy peace and quiet again.

“Research shows that treating people with first signs of tinnitus means a better outcome for them later.”
Mark Williams, Chief Audiologist - The Tinnitus Clinic, Harley Street.

The Tinnitus Clinic has developed Acute Tinnitus Therapy, just for early stage tinnitus patients, which allows you to get your tinnitus under control before it becomes more difficult to treat. Click here for more information.

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