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"Mutebutton" launching in the UK in the fight against tinnitus

  May 18, 2015

A new product claiming to reduce the impact of tinnitus will be launching in the UK later this year.

The device, aptly named the "Mutebutton", includes headphones and a lollipop-like device that sits on your tongue.

The Mutebutton is designed to gradually re-train the brain, via the nerves in the tongue, in order to reduce the loudness of tinnitus. The stimulator is held between the lips and creates a mild current to stimulate nerves in sync with the sound played through the earphones.

Josephine Swinhoe, Director of The Tinnitus Clinic says: "This is a very interesting concept. We welcome new products designed to help people living with tinnitus and look forward to reading further extensive trial data on the efficacy of the system."

The Mutebutton has been featured in the Daily Mail online. You can read the full Mail Online article here.

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