‘Get your hearing tested’ - motorsport boss’s advice to ‘noisy’ industry

‘Get your hearing tested’ - motorsport boss’s
advice to ‘noisy’ industry

  August, 24th 2017

From competing at Brands Hatch to enjoying 24-hour duration races - Roger King has many fond memories from his long touring career in car engineering.

But Roger, a director of motorsport company GPRM Ltd, has also developed hearing issues as a result.

Diagnosed with tinnitus after nearly 50 years of loud noise exposure, the 65-year-old, who lives in Banbury, Oxfordshire, is calling for others working in his industry to get their hearing checked.

Roger said: “For more than four decades I’ve been involved with motorsport and this is a very noisy environment.

“It is not surprising that my hearing has deteriorated over the years.

I can remember at the Goodwood Festival of Speed push-starting an ex-Jacky Ickx Ferrari 312 F1 car due to a flat battery. After its beautiful V12 engine roared into life I had ringing ears for days.

“GPRM is a motor sport and engineering company specialising in current GT cars, touring cars and historic race cars, and our factory has all the latest equipment and facilities including a fabrication department and a machine shop.

“For a great number of years my hearing has been exposed to loud noises”

“For a great number of years my hearing has been exposed to loud noises, from race engines to workshop-based noises. Machine shops are a good example - CNC machines with high spindle speeds and automatic tool changing all produce high decibel readings.

“This has not helped my hearing, among other factors such as my age and my hobbies of game and clay pigeon shooting.”

But thanks to his assessment at our Harley Street clinic in London, Roger was able to explore treatment options to help tackle his hearing issues.

He is now keen to raise the profile of tinnitus, and the treatments available, to others in the motorsport industry who could be affected, from race drivers to car engineers.

“I was aware of a flatness to my hearing and a gentle buzzing or ringing in both ears”

“About 18 months ago I was aware of a flatness to my hearing and a gentle buzzing or ringing in both ears, as well as a high pitch whistle in my right ear,” he said.

“I did some research on the internet and found The Tinnitus Clinic. Having received the consultation from my audiologist, a full understanding of my condition became much clearer. The first thing to understand is the hearing loss will only become worse if untreated.

“I am amazed how many people suffer from tinnitus and hearing loss – every day I come into contact with race drivers and engineers all saying the same.

“The most important advice I have given to other people in my industry is to get to The Tinnitus Clinic as soon as possible when the condition becomes noticeable. The expertise is second to none.

“Thanks to my treatment, the tinnitus is under control”

“After having my hearing tested, a selected route of treatment was taken including hearing aids. I am also having therapy at the clinic and this is a very important part of the treatment.

“Thanks to my treatment, the tinnitus is under control - it will continue to fade into the background in time and it does not interfere with my life style at all.”

If you are interested in further information about an assessment appointment at any one of our clinics, please call us on 0203 597 4988 or contact us via our online form.

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