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International patients at The Tinnitus Clinic

  April 20, 2012

In February 2013, The Tinnitus Clinic released a new YouTube video, ‘Solving the Problem of Tinnitus’ which uses animations to explain the neuroscientifc causes of tinnitus and how it can be treated with Acoustic CR® Here at The Tinnitus Clinic we’re proud to treat patients from across the UK and around the world. Our international patients are often frequent travellers to London from Asia, the Middle East and beyond. We schedule their appointments at The Tinnitus Clinic around meetings and other business they have in the city.

International travellers such as Mr Karan Khemka, a businessman who has been receiving Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation treatment benefit from our patient centric approach at the Clinic. Mr Khemka’s tinnitus started in 2010, after receiving a blow to the head...


Professor Peter Tass and Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation

  April 15, 2012

On March 20th, The Tinnitus Clinic hosted a conference for the UK medical community which focused on the clinical advances in using Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation to treat tinnitus. We were pleased to welcome Professor Peter Tass, the Director of Institute for Neurosciences and Medicine - Neuromodulation at Jülich Research Centre, Germany, as one of the conference speakers.


Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation trial published

  March 20, 2012

Awareness and recognition of the effectiveness of Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation continues to increase with the publication of clinical trial results in Restorative Neurology & Neuroscience.

The trial, led by Professor Peter Tass, found that Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation, which targets the neurological causes of tinnitus, benefited 7 in 10 patients – making it the first treatment to demonstrate clinical benefit.


Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation Conference

  March 13, 2012

Later this month, The Tinnitus Clinic will be hosting a full-day conference to update the UK medical community – including ENT specialists, audiologists and GPs – on the clinical advances in using Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation for the treatment of tinnitus.


Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation paper published

  February 27, 2012

Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation continues to gain traction in scientific circles, with the publication of a paper by Professor Peter Tass in Biological Cybernetics. Professor Tass is the inventor of Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation, and his paper, ‘Unlearning tinnitus-related cerebral synchronicity with acoustic coordinated reset stimulation’ is now available online.


BBC Radio Somerset Interview

  February 25, 2012

During Tinnitus Awareness Week in early February, our Clinic Director, Josephine Swinhoe spoke on a number of local and national radio stations about the causes and treatment of tinnitus.

If you missed the live interviews, you can hear a replay of Josephine’s BBC Radio interview...


Tinnitus Research Update

  February 23, 2012

Recent advances in tinnitus research mean that there are exciting times ahead, as a greater understanding of the causes of tinnitus leads to the development of more effective treatments for the condition.

Mark Williams, The Tinnitus Clinic’s Principal Audiologist, writes, "Tinnitus research has never been so vibrant. There is still much to be done but solace can be taken in the fact that there have never been so many quality research teams working to cultivate an advance in our understanding of this, often underestimated, disorder."


NTR Neurostimulator gains FDA approval

  February 20, 2012

Following on from its successful use in Germany and here in the UK, Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation with the NTR Neurostimulator has been approved by the American health authority FDA (Food and Drug Administration).


Manchester consulting rooms for The Tinnitus Clinic

  February 06, 2012

The Tinnitus Clinic is pleased to announce that we will be opening new consulting rooms in Altrincham near Manchester in March 2012.

The new location will bring The Tinnitus Clinic’s new Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation therapy and a range of other treatments for tinnitus closer to patients in the north of England and in Scotland.


Tinnitus Awareness Week

  February 06, 2012

Today marks the start of Tinnitus Awareness Week 2012 in the UK.

Here at The Tinnitus Clinic, we see every day the distress and frustration that tinnitus can cause. To help raise awareness of the condition, our Managing Director, Josephine Swinhoe, is scheduled to speak on the radio this week about the causes of tinnitus and the treatment options available.


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