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A multimedia explanation of Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation

  April 04, 2013

In February 2013, The Tinnitus Clinic released a new YouTube video, ‘Solving the Problem of Tinnitus’ which uses animations to explain the neuroscientifc causes of tinnitus and how it can be treated with Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation therapy.

The video details the science of tinnitus in a clear, voice-over commentary. Full English-language captions are also available for those with impaired hearing.


Tinnitus Awareness Week 2013

  January 29, 2013

In February 2013, The Tinnitus Clinic released a new YouTube video, ‘Solving the Problem of Tinnitus’ which uses animations to explain the neuroscientifc causes of tinnitus and how it can be treated with Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation therapy.

Tinnitus Awareness Week – the annual event organised by the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) – runs from February 4-10, 2013. This week provides a great opportunity to increase public awareness of tinnitus.

In support of the BTA and people living with tinnitus, The Tinnitus Clinic is organising local radio broadcasts about tinnitus and its management and treatment on Tuesday 5 February. Once we have more details, we will let you know via our Facebook page when and where these interviews will be broadcast. We hope you will listen in.


Mark Williams presents guest lecture at Tinnitus Masterclass

  January 24, 2013

On the 23rd of January, The Tinnitus Clinic’s Principal Scientific Audiologist, Mark Williams, provided a guest lecture for the University College London (UCL) Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Masterclass.

The Masterclass was a three day event for audiologists, hearing therapists and physicisans who have an interest in rehabilitative practice, covering the latest research into the mechanisms of tinnitus and hyperacusis, as well as the assessment and management of the symptoms.


Third study shows reduced tinnitus in 71% of patients with Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation

  December 04, 2012

The study has revealed a significant and sustainable reduction in tinnitus symptoms - for 71% of patients within six months – using the non-invasive tinnitus treatment, Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation. The RESET real life study, conducted in Germany, also revealed that a third of patients experienced reduced symptoms after just two weeks – and that the number of people in the ‘moderate’ to ‘severe’ tinnitus category halved by six months. The recent findings mirrored results from two earlier studies, conducted over the past two years.


Managing tinnitus with specialised digital hearing aid prescriptions

  November 11, 2012

When new patients come into the Clinic for a tinnitus assessment, our team of audiologists conduct a range of tests that determine a patient’s hearing function and tinnitus psychoacoustic characteristics. This is because, in many cases, hearing loss and tinnitus are interlinked.

In the past, you may have needed two devices to help manage hearing loss and tinnitus: hearing aids to improve your hearing and a noise generator in order to provide you with control over your tinnitus. However, The Tinnitus Clinic is now able to supply and fit a range of sophisticated digital hearing aids, including the Siemens Life and Pure Carat range which combine the two functions.


BTA Conference and the future for tinnitus services

  October 26, 2012

The Tinnitus Clinic was pleased to sponsor and attend the British Tinnitus Association’s Annual Conference at the end of last month. The conference was an excellent opportunity to meet with tinnitus researchers and other practitioners in this area, sharing latest developments and best practice.

This year’s Jack Shapiro Memorial Lecture was given by David Baguley PhD of Cambridge University Hospitals. Dr Baguley’s lecture gave an overview of the current state of tinnitus services in the UK and discussed some of the challenges ahead.


The Tinnitus Clinic welcomes Nitesh Patel

  October 17, 2012

We are pleased to announce that ENT specialist, Mr Nitesh Patel, is now practicing at The Tinnitus Clinic.

Mr Patel is a fully registered ENT specialist, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in England and consultant ENT surgeon member of ENT-UK. He has a particular interest in tinnitus and Menieres Disease.

Mr Patel specialises in treating patients that experience tinnitus as a result of middle ear pathologies like glue ear or cholesteatoma growth...


Birmingham consulting rooms for The Tinnitus Clinic

  September 01, 2012

From mid September 2012, people with tinnitus and hearing loss will be able to be treated at The Tinnitus Clinic’s new consulting rooms in Birmingham.

The new clinic will bring Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation and The Tinnitus Clinic’s other evidence-based treatments to a convenient location for patients from the West Midlands and surrounding areas.


Hearing Link fundraising dinner

  June 28, 2012

The Tinnitus Clinic was very pleased to sponsor and attend the Hearing Link fundraising dinner at St James’s Palace, London on 22 May 2012.

Hearing Link is a national charity that aims to achieve the best quality of life for adults affected by hearing loss. The organisation offers highly personalised, emotional and practical support for people with acquired hearing loss, connecting them with specialist services and creating social opportunities in the community.


Protect your hearing at summer music festivals

  June 11, 2012

Across the UK, thousands of people are currently preparing for a summer of music festivals. These events can be lots of fun but the extremely loud music can also put you at risk of tinnitus and hearing loss. To help you protect your hearing, the team of expert audiologists at the Tinnitus Clinic have prepared the following guide for festival attendees.

According to Mark Williams, our Principal Scientific Audiologist, “The noise levels at a live gig or concert can easily exceed 85 decibels. Prolonged exposure to this level of noise can lead to noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus.”


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