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"I was very worried. During the night, the noise was horrendous and, at one stage, I hardly slept for three weeks."

Anne Wilson

Pioneering new tinnitus treatment, Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation, has transformed daily life for Cleveland-born Anne Wilson. Now, just six months into treatment, Anne is enjoying tinnitus-free days and peaceful nights.

Anne first noticed a tinnitus noise in October, 2011, having had a bad cold and a week or so after having her ears syringed. Anne had worked in a noisy factory environment for 25 years; during the first 15 years, ear defenders weren’t issued to employees.

“I was suddenly aware of a droning sound – like a central heating noise – in my left ear, and a high-pitched buzzing in both ears. I was very worried. During the night, the noise was horrendous and, at one stage, I hardly slept for three weeks,” explained Anne.

In an attempt to find relief, Ann visited three separate Doctors at her practice and was told ‘not to worry about it; it’s just one of those things that happens.’ She was advised that it might go or that she might have tinnitus for the rest of her life. She was not referred to a specialist. Anne sought advice from the British Tinnitus Association. She tried various masking methods, including under-pillow speakers and water music. She created constant noise at home, with fans and the radio. She also heard about The Tinnitus Clinic.

Anne visited the Clinic and her audiological assessment determined two different sounds on her left side and a single note on the right. Her tinnitus tones were matched to between 4 and 6 KHz and she was found to be suitable for the new treatment, called Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation. After just six weeks treatment, she noticed an improvement.

“My tinnitus changed and became quieter, like it had gone down a level,” explained Anne. “The treatment was really easy. I wear the device for an hour in the morning and evening, and for a couple of hours during the day. I don’t have a rigid routine. I just clip it onto my clothes or, if I’m travelling, I hang it around my neck in a little hard case. It’s very discreet and doesn’t hinder me in any way. In fact, I find it quite soothing,” explains Anne.

“Some days, I don’t notice my tinnitus at all and, bit by bit, I’ve weaned myself off masking treatments. I’m even getting my old sleep pattern back!”

“It sounds drastic but I think that being told by three Doctors that there was nothing they could do - that I had to ‘just get on with it’ - actually spurred me on. If that hadn’t happened, I may not have come across The Tinnitus Clinic,” Anne adds.

Up until three months ago, tinnitus shaped Anne’s life. She talked about it all the time and people were constantly asking ‘How are your ears?’ and ‘How’s your tinnitus?‘

“The other day my husband said, ‘Oh, I haven’t asked you for ages, how are your ears?’ He used to ask me every day; now we rarely speak about it,” said Anne.

"I would definitely recommend the treatment; I travel all the way from Portugal for it! It’s changed so much about my life."

“When I used to do something as simple as go into the garden, I’d have to take my music with me. Now I can just wander out and do my jobs. I can enjoy everyday sounds, like listening to the birds, and I don’t have to mask it. I used to have to turn the radio on, as soon as I walked into the house. Now, I can just enjoy my life,” added Anne.

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