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The sound seemed to be getting worse by the day but it’s so much better now – the Tinnitus Clinic has been good as gold with me.

John Bennett

Having worked on building sites for 49 years, John Bennett from Selly Oak in the Midlands first noticed his tinnitus symptoms in March 2016.

“I didn’t hear a ringing sound like a lot of people get, I actually heard more of a siren and sometimes it sounded almost like a train in the distance.

“By April it was getting really bad and I couldn’t sleep at night.”

John, aged 68, went to see his doctor and was referred to a specialist but unfortunately, he was on holiday when the appointment came through. Despite trying to make a further appointment, John was never contacted by the specialist again, so he began to look for help elsewhere.

“I actually found out about the Tinnitus Clinic through talking to one of my friends when we were out for a drink. I was explaining the problems I was having, and he said he’d look online and see what help he could find. He noticed the Tinnitus Clinic and I decided to give them a call.

“A few weeks later I went to the Birmingham Clinic where they were so helpful. They checked my ears and fitted me with a hearing aid. Things started to improve straight away.

“Later that year, around October time, I started to get a terrible sound again. I went back to the Clinic to have another check and they actually found an infection in my left ear. I went on to get treatment for the infection and things have continued to improve since.

“Sylvia who has been treating me at the clinic has been so good. She’s really helped me and I’m almost there now. The Tinnitus Clinic has been good as gold with me and I would highly recommend people get in touch, especially if they’re having trouble getting treatment from their normal doctors.

“I stuck with it and it’s now so much better. It’s nice to get back to normal life and helping my family and children.”

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