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We have the expertise and latest AI enabled hearing products to help with hearing loss and of course we’re especially able to treat hearing loss with tinnitus

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If you have experienced extreme and sudden hearing loss, we recommend you visit A&E immediately

Test your hearing

Hearing loss is frequently associated with tinnitus. You can test your hearing with our online tester.

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Step 1

Hearing Loss Questions

Answer five short "yes or no" questions about how well you can hear in everyday situations.

Step 2

Audio Setup

Follow a few simple steps to set your computer speakers or headphones to the correct volume.

Step 3

Audio Screening

Listen to a series of test tones to test your ability to hear at different frequencies.

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Do you struggle to understand speech when you are communicating as part of a group?

Do you ask people to repeat themselves?

Do you think that people mumble?

If so then we can help.

  Experts in complex and challenging hearing loss cases

  Comprehensive audiological evaluation

  Fully independent – choose from the widest range of hearing aids to suit your clinical profile, lifestyle and budget

  We accept self-referrals or referrals from your GP or ENT Consultant

  Health and Care Professions Council registered

0% finance is available – find out more

How we hear

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Hearing loss assessment

The components of our hearing loss assessment are:

  A comprehensive audiological evaluation – from this we can understand your hearing loss and whether this problem requires medical or surgical intervention.

  A personal needs assessment – with the variety of hearing aids available, only an expert such as those at the Tinnitus Clinic can help you decide which is best to help you hear better and fit in with your lifestyle.

  Fitting appointment with Real Ear Measurements (REMs) – our audiologists monitors the hearing aids while you wear them, which is essential to ensure the accuracy of the device’s amplification prescription.

  Follow up appointments – these enable the audiologist to fine tune the device to your preferences.

Our Offer

We will tailor our recommendation of hearing aid to suit your hearing loss and lifestyle requirements.

Our audiologists are experts in delivering the best outcome for you and the highest quality hearing care. They use a variety of sophisticated hearing aid fitting methods in order to ensure that you get the most out of your residual hearing.

We offer a 30 day trial period with one year unlimited aftercare and a year’s supply of batteries where needed.

Whatever your budget, whatever your hearing loss, we can help.

0% finance is available – find out more

Hearing loss treatment packages start from £2120, depending on the device chosen and are inclusive of consultations, after care, a year’s supply of batteries and tuning. For more information, or to book your assessment, call 0800 030 6617 or contact us online.

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