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Independent future The Tinnitus Clinic

  December 23, 2015

Brook Henderson Group and The Tinnitus Clinic Ltd have agreed to separate the clinical therapy arm of the Tinnitus Clinic Ltd. from its development, production and distribution activity to form two companies.

The clinical delivery company has been sold to its Managing Director, Josephine Swinhoe, and will retain the name and brand of The Tinnitus Clinic Ltd.

Neuromodulation research and development will continue with the German-based Neurotherapies Reset GmbH, which will continue the development, production and distribution of the Acoustic CR Neuromodulation product T30 Neurostimulator, as well as other Neuromodulation treatments.

Since its launch three years ago, the Tinnitus Clinic has become the largest private provider of tinnitus treatments and therapy in the UK, attracting patients from all over the world and contributing to the development of a wider range of tinnitus treatments.

“The care of patients has always been my primary personal concern,” said Josephine Swinhoe, who set up the business from scratch. “It was always my aim to extend our network through franchise and partnerships, working with the very best ENT and audiology providers possible. Now The Tinnitus Clinic Ltd has the freedom to do that, operating as an independent expert treatment provider for people with tinnitus.”

“All of the highly regarded and expert audiologists and consultants will still be with us, so existing patients will have no disruptions and new patients will know that they will receive the best advice, support and treatment we can offer including Acoustic CR Neuromodulation which is only supplied by The Tinnitus Clinic in the UK.”

“The Tinnitus Clinic Ltd. will continue to be based at its current consulting rooms, 121 Harley Street, London, in addition to our clinics in Cheltenham, Edinburgh and Manchester and our first franchise clinic in Leicester. We aim to establish a further 8 franchises in the UK over the next 24 months, and to look further afield at other markets where people are asking for the services of The Tinnitus Clinic Ltd.”

Mark Williams, Chief Audiologist at The Tinnitus Clinic said, “I am excited by the opportunity that this independence will bring. We will be expanding the evidence-based therapy options that we provide while constantly assessing the quality of our clinical practice.”

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