Tinnitus and ENT Services in Gloucestershire

For the majority of our patients who have tinnitus, our specialist audiologists undertake the necessary examinations, diagnosis and make recommendations for treatment without the need for involvement of the ENT surgeon.

However, sometimes it is advisable for our patients to visit one of our ENT consultants who work alongside us in our clinics.

For example, if the tinnitus or hearing loss is only present on one side; if there is a wax build up needing removal - or if there are other health conditions which need attention and fall outside of an audiologist's clinical area of expertise.

In those cases, the ENT surgeon will undertake a structured medical history, perform an examination of the auditory system, and work alongside the audiologist who will perform the specialist audiological tests. If necessary the ENT surgeon may also request further investigations such as blood tests or scans to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

The removal of debris or ear wax can be performed by the ENT surgeon in clinic using microsuction with minimal discomfort.

Once these investigations are completed, then treatment can continue at The Tinnitus Clinic under the care of our expert clinical audiologist team.

Mr Matthew Clark provides a comprehensive range of other ENT treatments at Cheltenham Nuffield Hospital and the Winfield Hospital, Gloucester. Whilst his special interest lies in matters relating to the ear, he also offers help for sinus and nose problems and a general ENT service for both adults and children.

Ears and hearing

Noses and Sinuses

Tonsils and Adenoids

Mr Clark works with a group of other ENT surgeons with different special interests, such that cases are dealt with collaboratively rather than competitively. Details of the services that they offer can be found on the following website www.entrustent.co.uk

Contact Mr Clark’s secretary on 01242 370520 or email enquiries@entrustent.co.uk

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